Maintenance & Support (M&S) Model for Continual Improvement

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Located at page 49 of the SOFTWARE MEASUREMENT EUROPEAN FORUM 2005, this interesting paper was presented by Dr. Asha Goyal and Madhumita Poddar. Software managers in IT industry are often found it difficult to plan for maintenance work and there is a little quantitative empirical research or indeed useful measures for maintenance and support (M&S) activities or industry trend exist. No standard or consensus exists as to what are the appropriate measures to collect. There is a little guarantee that the metrics collected are in agreement between different organizations and hence as a result, making comparisons of M&S performance between different organizations becomes difficult if not impossible and in many cases misleading. People managing M&S projects are in need of guidance for defining appropriate performance measures that will allow them to monitor and assess the performance of their projects.

IBM global services India (IGSI), along with some other benchmarking organizations such as ISBSG (International Software Benchmarking Standards Group) and UKSMA (United Kingdom Software Metrics Association) participated in the initiation of a model to propose a set of measures and metrics in this area. As part of process improvement in this area, we had piloted the model in few applicable projects. Learning’s from such piloting projects were used as a feedback to the model before it was finalized and published by ISBSG. This paper describes a case study of the innovative way the model was piloted within IGSI to collect M&S metrics and the detail analysis performed for process improvement to give inputs for this M&S model and the way the model is aligned to CMMI® high maturity requirements.


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