Opening up the blog this morning

Welcome to the software maintenance blog.

We just got the website going today and I am feeling my way around to see all the features.
Friday I had to buy a copy of my last book ‘Software Maintenance Management’. The editor did not tell me it was out and did not sent a copy beforehand. Times are tough !
This week I will start up the Wiki and the Blog with the first Articles and will continue to fill up the site with content. Feel free to send me comments for improvements.
I also have a meeting to help a friend who has an ERP firm to plan the reengineering of his product out of Borland C++ to C#. I will meet up with a Ph.d. student we met at CSMR to see what can be planned for the summer.
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I am full professor of Software Engineering at the University of Québec in Montréal, in its Software Engineering faculty. I have more than 30 years of Helthcare, Finance/Banking and Telecommunications IT industry experience, especially in Cloud Computing, Big Data, software acquisition, contracts, software quality assurance and business process management. I am more comfortable with open source, practical applications and technology transfer to industry.
Currently I concentrate on research projects. In the past I was the recipient of the ISO award for higher education in standardization in 2011, as well as the chair of the Software Engineering gratuate program and of the Software Engineering departement. I also published Software Engineering Books: Software Maintenance Improvement and Software Quality Assurance.