The S3M is a process maturity model that can be used for improving small maintenance activities. It was developed because we were trying to use the CMMi but we did not find many of our small software maintenance processes like: transition, SLA, ticketing, measurement and regression testing,…

This research was conducted over a 10 years period and was released in a book : Software Maintenance Management. We decided to create this website to regroup all the pertinent information about the topic. Sometimes it links to interesting articles on the Web and other times partners have uploaded content. This website is free to use by its member community.

The S3M is dedicated to all maintenance programmers who are overwhelmed with urgent maintenance requests and who want to move forward and improve the valuable service they provide to their customers.

To build this model, we want to thank the following people for their help: Maxime Dupré-Corriveau, Laxman Vasan, Caroline Milam, Daniel Mayea, Dhiya Al-Shurougi, Nic Grobbelar, Bilal AKM, Don Stewart, Vanrerlei Vilhanova Ortêncio, John Flint, Fred Bedrich, Humberto M. Roca, Rhee Byung-Do, Alex E.Dobkowsi, John Gartin, Francois Coallier, André Larivière, Luc Chaput, Mohammed Zitouni, Dr. Jacques Bouman, David Déry, Nazeem Abdullatief, Paul Goodwin, Roxanne White, Peter Keeys, Normand Lachance, Alvin Leblanc, Roy Moor, John Shaughnessy, Bernard Fournier, Sujay Deb, Garth George, Ravi Kalyanasundaram, Ganesh Ayyer, Phil Trice, Gerrie Haasbroek, Andy Crowhurst, Mario Perreira, Ian Robinson, Mohd Ali Ghuloom, Taha Hussain, Dr. Talib Salman, Ali Al-Jalahma, Denis Bistodeau, Gilles Chauvin, Bruno Potvin, René Bertand, Bruno Lagüe, Richard Basque, Denis St-Pierre, Claude Dupont, Mac McNeil, Sophie Moutardier, Dave Stapley, Robert Clark, Pierre Giroux, Helene Michaud, Al Pecz, David Déry, Louis Molinié, M.Arpino, S.Grenier, R.Purcell, M.De Sousa, J.Gagnon and O.Lyttle.